Five Techniques To Last Longer In Bed

Have you ever wondered why some men manage to last longer in bed? For a couple to enjoy sex it is important to work at a sustainable pace that allows both to achieve their orgasm, preferably the woman being the first one to get it. Otherwise one of you will exit the session disappointed and dissatisfied. Below are some tips to help with lasting longer in bed.

1. Take physical sex as part of the many things you do during a sexual intercourse session

Psychologists argue that ejaculation is a combination of stimulation of nerves and mental preparation to get the excitement. As such, part of the process is controlled by the brain. Therefore, during an intercourse, avoid continuously focusing all mental energy on the physical feelings of the intercourse; you need to randomly divert the mind’s attention in order to avoid ejaculation before you really want the session to be over. For instance, you can from time to time interrupt your sex rhythm or pace to kiss your partner, tell them sweet words and so on. However, this does not mean that you entirely withdraw from the physical sex act.

2. Interrupt sex rhythms with change of sex position

You can prolong your stay in bed by employing various sex positions in one session. For instance, if you started your sex position in a missionary position, you can adopt a new sex position, maybe doggy style, and revert to the initial style when you feel that you’re close to ejaculating. By doing this, you will maintain the pleasure but break the sex rhythm thus helping you to go on for some more minutes.

3. Embrace sex styles that restrict deep penetration

One way that early ejaculation happens is through deep penetration into a woman. With deep penetration, the nerves in the head of the penis and the shaft nerves get more stimulation within a short time; this results in faster ejaculation. As such, it is important to restrict your penetration by employing restrictive sex styles. It’s also important to understand that initial shallow penetration can help stimulate a woman better than deeper penetration.

4. Make use of a latex condom

Condoms are known to reduce the sensitivity of the nerves in the penis. Therefore, if you have immature ejaculation problem, you should try using a condom.

5. Experiment with an escort

You can always hire an escort from to practice lengthening your love-making sessions. An escort can provide professional advice to help you please future lovers.

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