In life, loving someone is easy but staying in love is hard.

When you got to meet the love of your life, letting go would be difficult; that’s why you had to do everything to save the relationship. My family has always been my role model of having my own soon since our parents raised us with harmony. They send me to a prestigious school and finished college two years ago. Recently got a new job at The Ivy restaurant as head chef. The fact is, my parents, don’t agree with my decision since we have a business I can handle. I am not ready to take over it and used my course for a moment. I am fun at my work, but our family faces a tragedy. My father got hit by a car and soon died. I had to ready myself for taking care of the business since mom is still mourning. I am too, but I kept myself brave for the family, I need to stand for my dad. According to a Barking escorts of


After a year of being CEO, we increase our sales, and the growth of the business is double. I had to support my mother and siblings with their careers. I am proud of where I am now, and it’s all because of the people who raised me. I book a Barking escort to accompany me of my mother’s 60th birthday. When I saw her at our gate, she is utterly gorgeous on her long black dress. I have prepared the birthday of my mother a week before so, it looks good. We had invited all our investors, client, friends and family for the event. I feel proud to my escort since she is the diamond at the party who shines brightly than anyone. She talks less, so I had to break the ice. I have asked about her life, but she seems to change the topic. After that even, we keep communicating and hanging out.


I know that in myself I like her. I had expresses my feelings to her, but she rejected it. I never gave up but continue to pursue her. I had spare my time and attention for her to let her know I am ao much interested. I did everything I could. After seven months of courtship, she finally says “YES” to me, and I don’t want to waste each second to her. I love her so much that only thought of letting her go is painful. My love for her is eternal, and I know myself she is the person for me.


We are now five years together and planning to get married. Our love for each other is consistent. I promise that she is the only girl I want to have for the rest of my life.

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