What does Putin have on Trump?

I am not normally interested in international politics, but the relationship between Putin and Trump fascinates me. Trump behaves very much like he is frighten of Putin, and I do wonder if Putin has got something on him. You don’t need to be a genius to work that out, you can actually see it in the President’s eyes. The rest of the girls at Hendon escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/hendon-escorts feel very much the same way as I do, and I do think that there is something going on.


What about that photo with Melania Trump? You know that one in which she shakes Putin’s hand and looks horrified afterwards? I think that you can immediately sense when a person is dangerous or bad, and that is what she is picking up from Putin. It looks like she is terrified. I have had the same expression on my face. Every so often you meet someone at Hendon escorts who is a bit strange and it makes you gasp if you know what I mean. It looks like they way she felt.


Did Putin meddle in the US elections? It sounds very much like he did. Of course, it was not him in person, it was people on his behalf.  Russia has learned how to use the Internet to its advantage and I think that we should all be a little bit careful and vary about Russia. The Russian escorts at Hendon escorts agree with me. From what I understand, Russia is a very strange place to live, and if you don’t two the line, you can end up in a lot of trouble.


So, what could Putin have on Trump? Well, he stayed in  Russia and I keep on wondering if he did enjoy the company of Russian escorts. Like one of the girls at Hendon escorts has said, he is one of those men who would love to show off and tell everybody what a big man he is. If he did meet up with Russian escorts, I think that his position as the American President would be severely compromised. It could be this what Putin is holding over him. I keep wondering about that.


Do I think that Putin is a nice guy? I don’t think that he is a nice man at all, and I have met several dates at Hendon escorts which kind of reminds me of him. Russian men like to be very macho. Up until about two years ago, I was happy to date Russian men, but it is something that I am not so happy to do anymore. One of them freaked me out a bit, and ever since then, I have not been on hooking up with Russian men. I think I would rather leave them to the Russian girls. At least they speak their language and they know how to handle men from their own country.  It is the safest option, and I certainly don’t think that Russian men are safe to spend time with when it comes to dating.

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